Editors Note: After we published part one of our stories Mr. Eddie Amartey, AKA MR TERRIFIC, SCOAN IMPOSTER EXPOSED! Part 1 & 2    Since we started off we have received quite a number of responses from SCOAN supporters making an attempt to uncover the identities of the authors of TB Joshua watch,  ( our apologies to the  SCOAN supporters whose articles we didn’t publish, a lot of them were off the top inferring stuff rather than stating obvious facts with right reasoning) of the lot we received, only this  article by Raphael who also got in touch with us recently comes across as more insightful as he explicitly gives an account of the thought process that led to his investigation and the proof backing his opinion on the authors of  TB Joshua watch. We deemed it necessary to publish his article as it could vividly shed some light on the secret identities behind TB Joshua watch, as well as satisfy the curiosity of SCOAN supporters. Please note that the opinions stated here are those of the writer.***some names have also been removed for privacy concerns*** 


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Greetings from Ghana!

Before I introduce myself, I wish to inform you that this letter is not a hoax mail and I urge you to treat it serious. This letter must come to you as a big surprise, but I believe it is only a day that people meet and become great friends and business partners.

My name is Mr. E Amartey, the present branch Manager of a bank here in Ghana. I write you this proposal in good faith, believing that I can trust you with the information I am about to reveal to you. Like I said, I have a transaction that will benefit both of us, as your assistance is required as a foreigner. I use to head the Accounts department in my bank head office, but last December I was asked to take position of a Manager of our branch in Kumasi who passed on, so that was how I became the present Manager and discovered a fortune. As I resumed duty, I discovered an account with total sum of $12,500,000 million that has not been operated on for the past 4 years. From my investigation, I found out that this account belongs to one Late Mr. ANDREAS SCHRANNER a German great industrialist and a resident of Munich, who unfortunately lost his life along with his entire famillies in the plane crash of CONCORDE AIRLINE which crashed on 25th JULY, 2000.

The account is escrow call account, a secret type of account in my bank and no other person knows about this account or any thing concerning it, the account has no other beneficiary. I have kept a close monitoring of the account since then and nobody has come forward to ask about the money as next of kin to the late Mr. Andreas Schranner, meaning that no one is aware of the account.

I cannot directly take out this money without the help of a foreigner and that is why I am contacting you for an assistance to claim the funds and share it with me. As the Manager of my bank branch, I have the power to influence the release of the funds to any foreigner that comes up as the next of kin to the account, with the correct information concerning the account, which I shall give you.

I am seeking your co-operation to present you as the next of kin to the account, so that my bank head quarters will release the funds to you. There is practically no risk involved, the transaction will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of law.  If you accept to work with me, I want you to state how you wish us to share the funds in percentage, so that both parties will be satisfied. Contact me as soon as you receive this message if you feel we can work together, so we can go over the details.

Thanking you in advance and May God blesses you. Please, treat with utmost confidentiality. You can call me on +233xxxxxxxxx. I wait your urgent response.


Mr. E Amartey.

We have been given a name of a former ex-disciple we are trying to trace, we understand has Eddie Amartey’s photo. Once we are able to get it we will publish it with some information that will shock you.



WTBJ: Please can you tell us how did the Ghana crusade started? – Please we edge you to be calm. We see that you don’t want to hear the name Amartey.

Ans: When the group was first formed in the Church, it was called Global Group, now Ecowas Group, because It’s member were mostly from West Africa especially Ghana and that’s when l was nominated as the group coordinator. There were 5 Ghanaians under TB Joshua at the time as disciples under training. They were the one that encouraged us to organise the Ghana Crusade “GHANA FOR CHRIST” 1997, we as group started contributing money towards the Crusade, we even held night vigil every Friday. When we thought we’ve got enough money to cover the crusade we informed TB Joshua of what we intended to do. He was so happy he asked us to nominate someone from the group to go to Ghana in search of good venue in Accra for the crusade. One Mr. Eric was chosen, so he left for Ghana. 9 days later Mr. Eric came back with names of 4 venues – BLACK STAR SQURE, TRADE FAIR CENTER, and ELWAK STADIUM & KANESHI SPORT COMPLEX.

The one we could afford with the money we had was the Trade Fair Center. We had to agree on a date and pay for the venue; we chose a day in March and stated making posters, that’s when PFN sent to GPC not to accept TB Joshua in Ghana calling all sorts of names.

Faith Cometh published Nana Antoh account on this issue click Here. To save you time we extracted of what he said below.

FC: When did you first come to know about the SCOAN?

Rev. Antoh: In 1997, I was the administrator of the Ghana Pentecostal Council. At that time, the man of God wanted to come to Ghana for a crusade and the Ghana Pentecostal Council were asked to host him. As of then, nobody knew him in Ghana. I had been a pastor for several years but I never heard the name T.B. Joshua. When he said he wanted to come to Ghana some Nigerian churches sent their pastors to Ghana to ask our council not to accept him because they said he was an occultist. So, at the beginning, we were very lackadaisical in accepting him.

Also a few Nigerian ministers had come to swindle the council before; so we had a very negative impression about Nigerian ministers. Now his own countrymen were coming to tell us: “Don’t accept that man; he is an occultist”. The man of God sent another group to us, saying that he was ready to pay for four pastors from the council to come to the SCOAN, stay for any number of days to see for themselves. So, some senior pastors were chosen and stayed there for five days. When they came back to Ghana, they said: “Listen, this is from God; let us accept the man!” Some of us were arguing: “How can you use only four days to examine the man?” The council came together and had a vote and those who voted for the man of God to come to Ghana won. So, the man of God came to Ghana.

Jane Amartey

We had to shift the date forward. On Sunday March 16th 1997 Jane Amartey brought a man she introduced as her husband Mr. Edmund Nii Ayiku Amartey, we all welcomed him. After the Church service that that day Mr Eric came forward to give the feedback on the arrangement, in his words “Emmanuel, l thank God for everything, the date the group asked me to book is not available, and l thinks we need to make provision for TV advert so why don’t me move the date ahead. I also discover that to get a big crowed we need to involve the Ghana Pentecostal Council. They will be the one to distribute the posters and the banners among the Churches in Ghana. But there is a small problem, l have been to the GPC and it seems to be a problem from Pastor here Nigeria” so we had t inform TBJ who sent Mr. Ben Esien one of his Ghanaian disciple to travel to Ghana. It was at this stage we got to know how much Mr. Amartey wanted to be involved.

Watch this space for the real Amartey.


After months of slander and defamation, T. B. Joshua Watch finally agrees there is no evidence to support their claim of sexual abuse charges against T.B. Joshua. This is funny considering the fact that they have heaped invectives, called him names and I am wondering why they have not rendered a formal apology to the man of God. In their latest article they said:

‘We’re not saying these allegations are definitely true – we’d have no evidence to support that claim.’

If they claim there is indeed no evidence to support their claims why are they now saying the allegations must be ‘investigated?’  If they have evidence it is incumbent upon them to provide them to the police to investigate because you cannot investigate anything without evidence.

They must for once keep their mouths shut and concentrate on building their lives instead of becoming permanent bloggers. If their aim is to destroy the man of God then they have failed in their venture.

By Raphael Ernest Grail


Until recently, we at Watch Prophet TB Joshua always thought that the best way to analyse issues is to rely on the information provided by “experts”, whose job it is to inform others, especially those who really do not have the time to

Prophet TB Joshua

do the investigations and groundwork themselves. It later occured to us that while these experts are quite reliable in some instances, there is a certain price to be paid by those who solely rely on the information of others without making any efforts on their own before forming an opinion on any issue. For a very long time, there has been a strong wave of attack on the person of Prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, especially against his healing methods, lifestyle and doctrines by ex-disciples who have now form a bloc. Having followed the commentaries of blogs and online news sites around the world at large regarding this man of God, as time went by, it became evidently clear that the majority of those who are criticising him seem to have a personal issue with him. They actually turned the whole issue into an attack scheme, comprising of slander and campaign of calumny as instruments of their vendetta. So we decided to ask the mind boggling questions and try to provide answers to them. In order to do this effectively, it was important for us to visit the Synagogue personally and ascertain the true position of things and ask the outstanding questions such as;

1. Is it true that  TB Joshua is a “shaman” who lives a vegetarian
lifestyle to keep his spiritual powers?

2. What has he really done wrong to be denied access to the top
Christian organisations in Nigeria such as PFN and CAN?

3.  How true are the allegations of  deception, abuse, mismanagement and fraud hurled at him?

In view of the fact that majority of people do not have a close relationship with Jesus, it would be lethal following the advice of majority, people who are currently in the habit of forming opinions about others from what they hear or read alone are strongly advised to desist from doing so and carry out their own investigations, especially when the issues involved relate to things of the spirit which can be discerned by proper examination in the light of Gods word. What remains a mystery to us even at this time is How this man of God has continuously survived each bout of criticism thrown at him to become stronger? And how comical for his detractors who claim to be God-sent to be unable to hand over the issue to God to nullify the “powers” of TB Joshua if indeed they are false and theirs are true? They could simply have allowed the course of nature to dismantle the popularity of this man as has been done to previous false men of God? But such patience on the part of his detractors has waned well in advance of their belief in his genuiness and hence their resolve to fight for God now by coming out on an all out offence against him. We however would examine the evidence our findings reveal on these issues shortly.

TB Joshua watch’s Pharisee Chronicle #2

In the horrific attempt to dampen the belief heralded by thousands of christian faithfuls in TB Joshua’s genuineness as a prophet, TB Joshua watch have gone to the trouble of having a site where they regularly publish rhetoric articles coined in a manner that places those seeking the truth about TB Joshua on the web in a sort of quagmire, the serpentine plot cogently expressed in their write ups aimed at sowing seeds of doubt has accrued to become their signature genre which any reader can hardly miss. In the previous section of this post we exposed the appalling deceptiveness in their post quoting the BBC report, and we shall herewith expose the deceptiveness in the concluding part of that article titled: TB Joshua and Scoan- a beginners guide.

1. Allegations of sexual abuse

As a Follow up to their misrepresentation of the BBC report, they then proceeded to state the several allegations of sexual abuse as an introductory piece on TB Joshua to their new readers, some of whom have been exposed through the beware of blasphemers video such as bisola Johnson.

Their rants on these allegations is a foul – cry for investigation without an iota of incriminating evidence, our take on this issue as civilized people considering the criminal nature of the allegations is a call for the accusers to come up with even the least shred of evidence, without which any such accusation would be tantamount to slander.

2. Dubious claims of divine healing:

They then go further in their introductory piece on TB Joshua to state that the healing claims in Scoan. are dubious, this seems to be their most nonsensical point so far, as the presence of real live miracles in Scoan isn’t at all under any dispute. A Google or you tube search will produce incredible videos of TB Joshua’s healing. Emmanuel TV beams Scoan healing services on Sunday’s and Mondays live to the world, via satellite and internet which consequently leaves maneuvering and editing of testimonies out of the equation.

3. Cult like behavior

On their website they also alleged  the presence of cult like behavior at Scoan and made the this bogus claim:

A previous article on this site compared testimonies of past TB Joshua disciples with the 14 cult identifying criteria compiled by the International Cultic Studies Association. Not surprisingly, they closely match every single criteria.

A closer inspection of the manner in which they closely matched every cult criteria from the ICSA to Scoan is indeed questionable as all the reports on Scoan they matched to the criteria were mainly sourced from two ardent Scoan critics and none from a reputed source with an objective view. Here is a statement on their source of information for the criteria matching:

The International Cultic Studies Association (website) are a worldwide authority on cults. They have drawn up a checklist of 14 criteria to help identify a cult.  In this post, using testimonies from ex-disciples and relatives of current disciples, we show that SCOAN fulfills the vast majority of these criteria. Our main testimonies are from Giles and Madelaine“.

Giles is a Scoan ex-disciple of questionable character who’s now fallen to the ranks of Paul agomoh, while Madelaine is an ardent Scoan critic as can be seen throughout her comments on TB Joshua watch. Now what else can be expected from a quorum of these two other than a concoct recipe for disaster? We shall also examine the obvious flaws in their criteria matching in subsequent posts.

4. Blackmail and video confessions.

Under this sub heading, they blatantly equated the video recordings in Scoan to blackmail material, the confession, healing and deliverance  videos, perhaps including TB Joshua’s documentary on his story which all serve as lessons for viewers and also increase faith.

They also claimed that SCOAN tried pulling off a blackmail attempt on them in the quote below:

They have already attempted to blackmail this site on one occasion, If this isn’t evidence of them having something sinister to hide, we don’t know what is!

What they state now as a fact was at first only a suspicion they had because of the threatening nature of some opinions left on their blog, especially the response of a commenter named Jerry who suggested that Scoan release the confession videos of those behind TB Joshua watch, the suspicion also left them paranoid because of the similarity of the IP addresses of the commenters, this issue was well debated on their site till one of their site administrators agreed that there was no unmistakable proof linking those comments to SCOAN, his words are quoted below:

 “For the sake of argument
we will assume Jerry has no direct
connection to SCOAN, and the
reply from them was not
endorsing her suggestion”.

And based on their concluding assumption, the Scoan supporter Debating with them responded;

~ you also said: For the sake of
argument we will assume Jerry
has no direct connection to
~ you also said:… and the reply
from them was not endorsing her
suggestion (AGREED)

But it appears keeping to their word isn’t one of their strong suits and
due to their determination to drag the image of Scoan to disrepute they instinctively moved from a suspicion they had thrown away for lack of unmistakable proof to quoting the same Suspicion as an undisputed fact, how sordid!

5. $10-$15 million of personal wealth

Here they insinuate that TB Joshua is busy amassing a fortune for himself whilst being on the Forbes article richest pastors list, but deceitfully left out the part of the same Forbes report which stated that in the last three years TB Joshua has indeed spent well over the above stated amount on charitable ventures, quoting how much he’s worth and leaving out how much that worth has impacted peoples lives over time clearly shows the workings of their distorted minds in its inherent cynicism.

6. Children at his church sing songs of worship about him

Here they state that A Channel Four film crew captured a Sunday school choir singing a song at SCOAN in Lagos and posted the lyrics of the song:

The Synagogue Church is a training
where the holy spirit is flowing
through his anointed servant TB Joshua
The Man of God
Everything about it is part of our lives
Everything about him is good

Aside from the fact that this song was recorded over a decade ago, and they in their usual pharisee skepticism quote the song and its lyrics like its an everyday song in Scoan, Can anyone please read the lyrics of this song and tell us just which part of the song arrogates to TB Joshua, the attributes of the deity? Because their allegation that its a worship song just doesn’t add up considering what worship entails, the song itself (noting underlined phrases) and TB Joshua’s humble and unassuming personality.

7. His words are considered infallible

Here they instigate at TB Joshua what he never said, in saying that:

He teaches that as a “man of God”, all his words are the infallible words of God”.

There’s no where TB Joshua said this, we would have preferred they quote his exact words in the post if there wasn’t a sinister motive behind their misrepresentation of his message? he did teach that the baptism in the Holyspirit gives infallibility to the believer in the message titled “with such power”, Yet they misrepresented It to mean he said “all his words are infallible”, not surprising anyway as such is typical of their usual habit of giving the worst possible interpretation to things.

8. He uses tragic events for self promotion

Here they blatantly attack TB Joshua’s prophetic gift in its absolute rarity, instigating that its purpose Is for self promotion, they would have done better to draw a line between prophesying the occurrence of an event before it and after it. the great flaw with this warped thinking is that its preposterous, measuring the minute cost of “advertising” against TB Joshua and his entire ministry’s invaluable worth on a set of scales, if it were for self promotion as they claim, is advertising worth putting himself and his entire ministry on the line every now and then, especially when he prophesies in direct precision to a clearly stated future event? This is indeed far off from the truth in our opinion, such a method of self promotion is a huge risk for a prophet if he were a fake, the main reason why nearly everyone avoids that area.

Why this site?

We couldn’t possibly disagree with them more on their purpose for their existence which they expressed below:

The authors behind this site have friends and family who are involved with SCOAN. We have seen the devastation it has wrought on these people’s lives.

Apart from the vagueness of this allegation it is also a very vindictive statement, consequently implying that all the pilgrims who travel down to Scoan regularly from all over the world in their thousands alongside the worlds prominent citizenry go there to have their lives devastated!, if they indeed witnessed devastation in the lives of a select few who once visited Scoan, how does that automatically translate to TB Joshua’s fault? even with the innumerable consistent testimonies of lives changed? I guess its a die-hard habit of the recalcitrant to blame God or his servants for their self afflicted woes. Its not just about going to Scoan and seeing God’s work, but also learning his way, they should have known better than to question the judgement of thousands of Christian faithfuls worldwide.

What can you do to help?

Here they cunningly solicit for the further propagation of their anti-tb Joshua propaganda, from visitors to their site In these words:

The best way you can help is to link to this page and increase the exposure of this content.

We at watchprophettbjoshua trust the judgement of people of God around the world not to fall prey to such serpentine deceit, while standing firm in faith and taking an unwavering stand on the path of truth.