The purpose of this website is to correct the critics of the ministry of TB Joshua and to let you know the truth from so many lies published on the internet by ex-followers who were not sincere during their stay with Prophet TB Joshua at the SCOAN. They started a blog  in attempt to soil the name and the ministry of Prophet TB Joshua, alongside some social media sites as well as some junk online news site.

Why this blog?  

Well, in the course of my discussion with people, I have witnessed what I would call a ‘marmite effect’, probably due to the unsavory rumors’ through a blog called TB Joshua Watch and some junk online news site and some social sites, People seem to either love this ministry or hate it with a passion! I have read all sorts of uncomplimentary stories online, but my own experience counters them. And my own testimony mirrors countless others whom I have watched on Emmanuel TV and spoken with in the course of sharing my own.

10 comments on “About

  1. Please do not delete the post above. If you are going to delete it without response there is no freedom of word on this blog. I would like to know the truth and hace right respond.

  2. “We are open to all views and comments unlike other blogs”

    Wonder why my comment on the London Riots thread wasn’t posted then.

  3. Francis Abayie :
    people without requisite immigration papers were told to go and confess their sins to the authorities for lying. Those, again, who did not have papers to live in the UK were refrained from helping with church activities.

    Sorry, but surely these people were in the UK illegaly? I’m not against immigration or integration but people shouldn’t enter a country without being allowed to live there! Why are you using this as an attack against Angie?

  4. There was a BBC article that was worrying to me about people who claimed to have been healed of HIV but it turned out not to be true. Please enlighten me about it.


    Our attention has been drawn to a BBC report on healing practices in churches across London.
    It highlighted the deaths of three sufferers of HIV who refused to take in their medication because they believed they had been healed by their pastors. The report never said anything damning about the Synagogue.
    It never linked the three deaths to Synagogue as the detractors of T.B Joshua would like us to believe. In SCOAN, a doctor’s report is requested before anyone is arraigned for prayer and healing. After prayer and healing the patients are made to go back for a thorough check with their doctor’s to find out whether they have been healed or otherwise. This has been the procedure and practice in SCOAN since its inception.
    Whilst we believe in divine healing, we also make sure mandatory hospital checks are applied to ascertain the truth of healing. The bible is not a historical document and it is alive with healing and miracles. It is God’s word made alive and when applied works. We know the healer and He is Christ, the King.
    The assertion of Francis Kaikumba of African Health Policy Network (AHPN) that, ‘SCOAN may be one of those involved in the practices’ is unsustainable in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
    The BBC report has been seized upon by a group of noted former members of SCOAN to peddle lies and discredit the church. We know they are behind this orchestration to tear apart the Church and cause disaffection for it in the eyes of the public but their actions will come to naught. The church is firmly rooted in Christ and no amount of attacks would distract it from its agenda of reaching out and saving lost souls.

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