Inner circle member of TB Joshua Watch speaks #1

In the past week we received an email from someone who claimed to be part of the inner circle of TB Joshua Watch and found it necessary to publish it as it could shed some light into the grey areas that shroud TB Joshua watch in mystery.

Please note that the opinions expressed here are purely those of the writer;
*Greg’s name has also been changed to protect his identity*

Sent: Saturday, 5 November, 2011 9:37:55
Subject: Re: TB Joishua lured me into following them from the ministry of “TB Joshua”

I’m filled with rank fear as I write this, knowing what it would mean if I am discovered, but I choose to do it all the same as a way to right my wrongs because my conscience hurts with each deception TB Joshua watch orchestrate and publish with my input. I perfectly understand if many would judge me and ask why i’m still with them even after realising that they’re all about lies and deceit, because they wouldn’t understand the conditions under which they deceived and coerced me to join their hateful group against my conscience, in the most serpentine manner I never thought possible, now its difficult for me to just step out as I fear what would become of me, they’ve become a gang or cult with a web of intrigues defining their operations. I know I myself pledged allegiance to them, but that was because I
thought they were out to tell the truth about TB Joshua. But now its clear to me that its otherwise and I feel remorseful that i’m betraying innocent blood. still i’m looking for just the perfect opportunity to quit that would guarantee my safety and not put me in jeopardy. I know with this post they’ll be on their guard even more. But its a risk i’m willing to take to satisfy my conscience,  So here goes the story of my Scoan beginnings and involvement with TB Joshua watch.

My Scoan beginnings and involvement with TB Joshua watch:

For nearly 5 years, I have been a committed member of The Synagogue Church of All Nations, in the UK, and I have learnt so many things during this Journey of faith. About
10 -12 months ago, my ‘trusted’ shepherds decided to leave the church, and also lured me and several others into following them from the ministry- to Join them in pursuance of their claim about the administration of the ministry and certain ‘concerns’ about the General Overseer of the ministry.

No sooner than the month I joined their campaign with a blog called TB JOSHUA WATCH did I notice that there was something sinister about their  ‘allegations’ against the ministry of which they had been part for some years. They claimed to be advocating the truth, but in
reality were making all sorts of reckless statements about the ministry, this made me feel really uneasy but I was already in, and so as not to draw attention to myself, I also followed suite.

It is quite disturbing for me that this ‘group’ who ‘decamped’ from the ministry, taking a several others with them (including me), dubbed themselves a kind of ‘watchdog’ over the ministry and instigating all sorts of absurdities, in all shades and patterns. This has
consequently proved that we should only trust God, but never trust any human being, because they can be what we call ‘Here today, Gone tomorrow trustees’. It is still very hard for me to come to terms with the stark reality, that these people who were once flag bearers of Christ under the banner of this ministry suddenly turned themselves into ‘investigative journalists and bloggers’ of disrepute, who are biting the hands and fingers that once fed and cared for them!

In the main, I do really find this issue quite disturbing, speaking as someone privy to both sides, with a clear benefit of hindsight, the de-campers were once standing to condemn the erstwhile ex- followers of the ministry, who went about blackmailing the same ministry.
The main contention here and their ultimate aim is still unclear to me, perhaps I’ll uncover this in the long run, but one thing is sure that the Truth is constant, no matter for how long the adversaries toil day and night, if it is all for selfish, classic and material reasons, they will surely come to nought. Beware, what saddens me more is that there are several others like me, deceived into such a “judas ministry”.

I do implore readers to discountenance the and disregard the comments and postings on this TB JOSHUA WATCH blog, because it is disgracefully short of taste and integrity, lacks credibility on all fronts, and should really engage themselves in building the society for Christ rather than acting and colluding with the ‘children of perdition’ to sabotage His works. The wise takes a hint and acts on it !

[Note from the editor: A point worthy of note here in Greg’s story is that he is communicating the identity of  the main authors of TB Joshua watch as one time evangelists at the Scoan uk. While we are yet to explicitly declare them as the people behind TB Joshua watch till we have unmistakable proof.

We intend to continue our investigations on these opinions alongside
other issues and keep you updated.

PART 2 OF Greg’s story will be posted tomorrow 8th November 2011.

9 comments on “Inner circle member of TB Joshua Watch speaks #1

    • The battle between stone and water, in due time, the water wins. There’s constant struggle between two forces; LIGHT and darkness, and today it’s the SCOAN and tbjoshuawatch. As GOD is with His servant, Prophet T B Joshua, it’s an opportunity for Man of God to attain another greater level of GOD’S grace and the multi-dimensional power of the MOST HIGH GOD.

  1. Thank you for this brave testimony. I have been arguing for some time that TB Joshua Watch is a dangerous and abusive band of scoundrels and gibbons. I am sorry to say that I have personal experience of these silver-tongued slanderers, though I am loath to give too many details for fear of repercussions. One of the commenters, who goes by the name of “Ian,” (though this, like all others, is a fake name) is a vicious hooligan who knows only violence as a way to solve disputes. I once saw him in a park in Wolverhampton, tormenting a heron with a pitchfork. Their capacity for cruelty knows no bounds.

    Greg, may you be rewarded for your forthright and frank testimony. Let the whole world know the truth about TB Joshua Watch! This filthy band of bile-dribbling conspirators shall NOT prevail!

  2. Well, well, well, seems the cracks are starting to manifest in the camp……..’Whatever dubious conivance brings people together will surely scatter them eventually’

  3. Greg, I believe this! I knew something was wrong with that other website. Those people are all liars and nothing they say is the truth. It makes me so proud to see someone deep in their midst and exposing them for the evil liars they are. I have also met some of those fraudsters – obviously Thou Shall Not Lie does not go very far with them. I shall keep praying that Jesus will protect you from their blasphemous ways.
    May TB Joshua’s ministry expand to all regions of the earth! Baba, I love you so much. Those people trying to tarnish Your Name shall one day be judged by God Almighty. May not even one lizard live in their homes. Amen.

    You complete me!

  4. Haaaa!…. I said it.
    From the inception of Tb Joshua watch i knew they would never succeed. Because their aim is to ruin the reputation of a man of God. And no weapon formed against a man of God shall prosper!
    I once told them that the prayers of the millions of people for Tb Joshua cannot go down the drain. They are not wasted. God heard their cry. Halleluyah.

    Please Greg you wouldn’t know how much your post means to us all. God is aware. You have chosen the right parth. Coming out to vindicate The prophet, i know your will not escape the breakthrough of God.thanks…..

  5. Greg, I believe its God at work and l know they will all confess or face the consequences. If you are not satisfied or confortable with a Man of God or Minstry, leave the minstry quietly and stop judging because you are not the judge. God alone has the final say. Thank you Greg and continue to bring out more. Lemmy

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