Did TB Joshua predict the London Riots? Review #1

In the last couple of months, UK experienced violent riots and looting in most of the major cities. As with most major news event; it was prophesied on Sunday two weeks before and repeated on the following Sunday a week before it happened by Prophet TB Joshua of the SCOAN.

Emmanuel TV does broadcast all the live services of the SCOAN and watched by millions all over the world. The question is what gives TB Joshua the confidence to prophesy to the world openly if not GOD?

Some of the points raised by anti SCOAN group “TB Joshua Watch” are reviewed below.

  1. There will be a fire on a very large establishment
  2. Ans. Out of all the places fire broke out during the riot, the Sony Center was the biggest establishment.
  3. The name of the place begins with “EN”
  4. Ans. TB Joshua Watch provided this link “Wikipedia lists 49 places in the United Kingdom beginning with EN” Its true there are 49 places in the UK beginning with the letters “EN” but they don’t have large establishment except the Sony Center, located at Enfield which starts with “EN”. There have been many times where, TB Joshua had called someone with a particular problem to come out during the SCOAN live services and more than one person comes out, but God whom revealed it to him is able clarify whom the prophecy concern by mentioning their names or further revealing something about the person no one else knew. To see some of this cases click here.
  5. Fire will be gushing out
  6. Ans. We all saw the fire at the lasted for days
  7. He sees a multi-storied building
  8. Ans. The Sony Center may looks like a big warehouse from the outside, but has 2 floors on one side 3 on the other so using the word “a multi-storied building” is not wrong.
  9. The fire will be in a place where people gather, and people buy and sell
  10. Ans. Truly the Sony Center is distributers go to buy and sell.
  11. The fire disaster will cost millions of pounds
  12. Ans. The damaged caused at the Sony Center cost millions.

LONDON: Damage caused by riots in London and other British cities this week will cost more than 200 million pounds ($323 million), the Association of British Insurers said, doubling its previous claims estimate. 

The increase came as British Prime Minister David Cameron said an 1886 law that allows insurers to pass on some of the cost of riot-related claims to the police will apply, with the government ready to make up any funding shortfall. “The government will ensure the police have the funds they need to meet the cost of any legitimate claims,” Cameron said in parliament, adding that the deadline for filing claims would be extended to 42 days from 14. Under the Riots (Damages) Act, uninsured businesses and households, as well as insurers facing riot-related claims from their customers, can seek partial compensation from the police. The legislation only covers property damage, with insurers retaining liability for business interruption costs, which can often exceed the cost of physical repairs. Police forces typically take out insurance against claims under the Act, passing some of the costs back onto insurers. RSA, Britain’s biggest commercial insurer, said it would support the compensation scheme by making its claims and actuarial experts available.  Source:  http://www.arabnews.com/economy/article487202.ece

If BBC, SKY TV, CNN or the British Government had picked the words of the Prophet TB Joshua:- There will be a fire on a very large establishment, The name of the place begins with “EN” they could have traced it to the Sony Center and saved huge sum of money the police had to pay out

Another aspect rose by this backyard crooks was

  1. “As we can see, the veracity of the prophecy is seriously questionable, but it can’t be denied that some of the details do seem to match recent events. What are we to make of this?” If they have said; “But it can’t be denied that some of the details do seem to match recent events” Why then did they publish the story “TB Joshua predict the London Riots” in the first place?
  2. “The prediction focused on the destruction of a building owned by the multinational company Sony, why focus on this instead of the many small family businesses destroyed by the fires? From his teachings l have head so many times explained that what God shows he says.
  3. “This interpretation is not one SCOAN offers through the video, but even if this was the case, what is the need to show off about it afterwards”? All TB Joshua prophecies are shown live during the SCOAN services.

Please watch Emmanuel.tv to see things for yourselves.

11 comments on “Did TB Joshua predict the London Riots? Review #1

  1. There was very little talk about Sony’s burnt building amongst Londoners that week, and not much coverage given to it on the news either… the concerns were much more personal.

    As someone who lives and works within zone one of London, I think it strange that this prophesy focused on a fire in corporate building in Enfield, while citizens in many other areas in London (and indeed other cities in the UK over the following few days) experienced rioting, looting, violence and fear. Is God’s concern for insured multi-national corporations or the hearts of the common people; the meek & the downtrodden?

    • Come on NM, there’s no point in trying to take sides, is God not the same God of the Rich and the poor?, the scripture teaches that God is concerned about everyone, whether rich or poor, whether high or lowly, the fire disaster in question here affected the lives of thousands, and the effect cut across all strata of the society, from the highest paid worker there to the least paid staff, that the company is insured makes little difference i’m afraid, would you have felt good over the inferno if you were the company’s insurer? you implying that its a form of preference over the poor is just being cynical, in the scriptures God talked about being concerned for Nineveh as a whole because it inhabited thousands of people and livestock. in this case it was a huge disaster of great magnitude that could have been averted if the prophets words were heeded to even a little, and at least neither the company nor its insurer would have to record monumental losses that would consequently affect the lives of the common people.

      • “the effect cut across all strata of the society” – not really. The effects of the riots did, but not this fire. I didn’t hear that much about this Sony fire until the TBJ video came out after the event. No one I know in London mentioned it, & I didn’t notice it on the news.

        There was a lot more to the ‘London Riots’ then one fire in En. I agree that God cares for the employees, owners and insurers of Sony as much as He does for the scared inhabitants of the rest of London, cowering in their homes afraid that ‘hoodies’ will hurt them, and also He cares for those who feel like their government & police have let them down and were striking out in anger, and also He cares for the simply criminal people who were just jumping on these riots as an excuse to go mental. He cares for all. So why did this prophesy focus on a building? A building that was pretty much NOT what the riots were about?

        How should we His people have responded to this prophesy? Pray against fire in Enfield? That wouldn’t have got to the heart of the situation: there would still have been an unarmed man shot dead by the police in Tottenham, there would still have been protests against this (allegedly racist) police action, these potests would still have turned into riots, which would turn into looting.

        My thoughts are that if this “En Fire” prophesy was about the London riots AND was from God then something just doesn’t stack up to what I know and love about God. Therefore, either this prophesy isn’t about these riots (in which case it could be about something else – and we’ll miss it because it’s been ticked off in the prayer diary as fulfilled) – or it’s not from God.

        “they could have traced it to the Sony Center and saved huge sum of money the police had to pay out” – that does rather suggest that it’s all about the money. Surely prophesy should be about hearts & minds & souls?

      • How should we His people have responded to this prophesy?

        are you serious? referring to yourselves as “his people”?

        My thoughts are that if this “En Fire” prophesy was about the London riots AND was from God then something just doesn’t stack up to what I know and love about God.

        what doesn’t just stack up to what you know about the love of God? that tragedy strikes?

  2. Also come to think of it. In this company we have hundreds if not thousands of people engaged in various activities.
    don’t you think God cared for the thousands? and thus gave the words?
    God loves people more than we ordinarily think we do. whether rich or poor he loves them all.He does as He wills.

  3. @NM
    ” that does rather suggest that it’s all about the money.”

    i really don’t understand.Money for who? Tb Joshua? if you say its all about the money i think you’re missing the point. Tb Joshua does not give a prophecy because of what He stands to gain. or He would have as well called the company personally and then get the mouth watering privilege. Then God’s name can name would not be praised.
    or mentioning the name En. if this companies really believes God they would have all come together and ask the prophet what should be done to avert the situation. i think that’s the difficult but right way to go about it.

  4. Hello Doi,
    To clarify, by ‘all about the money’ I meant that the prophesy makes it sound like God is more interested in financial matters then about heart matters, not TBJ.

    But, as the title of this thread asks, “Did TB Joshua predict the London Riots?” No. He predicted one fire that was a result of rioting, but missed 99% of the situation. This isn’t a complaint about prophetic accuracy, just questioning the headline title of “Predicts the Riots” – as I said, the feeling abounding in London this summer was nothing to do with Sony or their fire…

    However, as you suggest – had Sony & their employees heard & heeded this prophesy then this fire might have been averted. But what about the rest of London and the other cities that followed suit?

    On a slightly different note, does anyone know/remember when this prophesy was delivered? There wasn’t any dates on the video that I was about this. Curious as to if it was three years ago or the week before!

    • Hi NM.
      when Tb Joshua said there would be a fire outbreak, what comes to mind is;
      the cause of the outbreak.
      which i strongly believed would be clearly addressed if tb Joshua was approached.
      and he also made mention of pray on Thursday.
      that was the exact day the riot began.means he was indirectly telling us the riot would start on Thursday though not clear.he was actually aware.
      and we can’t instruct God on the way He should give us a prophecy.
      and certainly we cannot instruct His servant contrary to the way God wants him to reveal a message.
      if you say the prophecy wasn’t transparent enough what would you also say about those that were directly prophesied and everything went in the foot print of our understanding? God does as He wills.
      that we really don’t understand a certain prophecy does not mean we would not understand others.so lets not confine our understanding to a certain prophecy.

      we should understand that where God guides He provides.
      if they had heeded to His words.where and how it will happen would have been revealed. measures would be taken on how to avert such dangers.

  5. I’m sorry but I don’t believe that this was given the week before the riots broke out. Why? Because A) if it were, they would mention this on the video because that fact alone significantly increases the credibility of the prediction, and B) on the TB Joshua Watch site, Radicalised who seems to be part of SCOAN London said: “This prophecy was given some time last year, I specifically remember it and was waiting for the fulfilment of it to take place here in the UK.” (see link). Again, it’s not in Radicalised’s interest to say this if it’s not true which leads me to believe him/her. Why the discrepancy?

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